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Healthy Haiku Workshops are based on a scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum designed by Dr. Imani Ma’at a world traveler and Harvard University and Columbia University trained Behavior Scientist.  The Workshops emerged from Y.E.S. 4 Health, Inc a teen theater program that uses drama to teach youth about healthy lifestyles and behaviors.  Dr. Ma’at uses a 17th Century poetic form called Haiku that originated in Japan to create fun and critical thinking experiences for learners of all ages.

The study of Haiku  has always been a part of required English Language Arts learning requirements in the U.S. because this form of poetry has strict structural rules and it is a popular art form. The Haiku system uses 17 syllables on three lines – no more and no less! These syllables are configured as 5 syllables -7 syllables and finally 5 syllables.

This language challenge in a fun supportive group concerned about long life and health allows participants to share ideas and to tell stories. During the Healthy Haiku  Workshops participants learn and have fun with all kinds of health and lifestyle issues.

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Imagine creating your own poetry as a result of healthy discussions and ideas about food and nutrition to create something very powerful that you can share -- in the fewest possible words. The Healthy Haiku Workshops can target any population of learners requiring new self-reflective practices and healthy alternatives for diet, nutrition, conflict resolution, wellness and long life. See more  on our website - link provided below.


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