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Inspired by the Goddess Ma'at the defender of truth and balance, we are dedicated to assisting you in identifying health and wellness strategies and opportunities for those dedicated to improving their health and the health of loved ones and community members.

Dr. Imani Ma'at is an Acclaimed Speaker, Author, Coach, and Award-Winning Health Educator,  with 22 years of experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Health Scientist & Program Director. 

Dr. Ma'at launched Stepping Into My Power Productions, under which she has created Healthy Haiku Language and Lifestyle Workshops based on her scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum that infuses poetry and the arts in health education. Workshops also grew out of her Teen Theater Group (YES 4 Health, Inc) and through working with mentors and youth organizations. Through her speaking engagements and workshops, participants learn how to create healthy lives and environments.


Her mission:  Is to help others Step Into Their Power in Health and Prosperity. She is currently launching her newest book: Healthy Haiku 3: Fighting Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time.  This is the third book in the Healthy Haiku Series. Through her workshops and books,  her goal is to change the health trajectory of 1 million families.“  See the new book featured on Amazon.


Credentials: Dr. Ma’at has earned degrees from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

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